Charcuterie Board Tips

What’s your top choice for meat and cheese on a charcuterie board? 

My answer to that question is whatever’s currently in the fridge or on sale at the grocery store. This is probably why I’m not an influencer. While Instagram influencers have much to teach me about food and fashion, I do not have much time to watch endless reels to get to the actual tips. Raleigh Cheesy is my favorite Instagram account to skim through for cheese inspiration and small business start up tips that do not involve cutting corners when it comes to ethics. I took a charcuterie class of hers in early 2020 and learned SO much. But how I use what I learned is a bit different. It’s like wandering around Pottery Barn for inspiration and awe then shopping for one or two affordable items at Target or even a thrift shop to add to what you already own. It’s learning about style and design then using those ideas and your financial and time budget to add a little flair to your family room or charcuterie board. 

I learned about charcuterie from Raleigh Cheesy when I took a class with Courtney. I then started making my “grazing boards” with much more style and structure! My friends and family thought I was something special! All I needed was a little instruction. I cannot copy Raleigh Cheesy’s boards. She’s WAY too amazing. I can give my friends a few tips on how to make your charcuterie boards look way better than just tossing some meat and cheese on a plate. Go from boring to beautiful with just a few steps. My secret is to actually just look around your pantry and fridge for little things you have on hand before even venturing to the store.

Use a couple of cheese options, a meat or two, a handful of roasted nuts, a little bit of dark chocolate, a row of crackers, and some fresh or dried fruits to round out your board. Put a fun addition on your board like yogurt covered pretzels or some local honey  or fig spread. Arrange all these items to cover a plate or board, moving them around a bit until you like the color design, then add a few stems of whatever fresh herbs are currently growing in your yard or your neighbors. See, you might already have all the ingredients you need for a little snack board or even a grazing board for dinner! 

Finally, if you feel you want to advance in your charcuterie board making you can learn about cheese and meat pairings or seasonal produce that will really make your meal delightful. You can even get some individual take out boxes and make a little meal for a friend. 

All my blog subscribers got the free download with more tips to building your own charcuterie board. Want to get that charcuterie board roadmap to download? Click the link below this post. Watch for an email from to confirm your subscription as I have a double opt in program and then you’ll get a link to download your free charcuterie board roadmap. 

Got limited time but unlimited funds? Just shop Raleigh Cheesy to purchase some amazing boards locally. 

Table Talk: What is your perfect bite combination, such as rosemary flatbread cracker with smoked gouda and fig spread? What is your favorite memory of a grazing board meal, either a fancy one or even a lunchable? 

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