Product Review: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

What would it take to get you to try a shampoo or conditioner bar?

Finding a good shampoo can be a dirty job. I had never even heard of a shampoo bar until I started researching round the world travel and packing light. I was leery and intrigued by shampoo bars. Through trials (some with the shampoo tests and some with my luggage sufferings) I have found a few shampoo and conditioner bars that are great for travel!

It was not until I stumbled upon one at Trader Joe’s that I decided to try it out. The price was right for the Trader Joe’s Shampoo Bar and the peppermint/tea tree scent was not overwhelming. I tried it a few times before determining it would work for travel and then I cut the bar in half so it would fit in a small plastic container in my travel bag. It met my needs for a shampoo but I really needed a conditioner too. Know what I mean about the harsh effects of hotel water?!

For the most part, conditioner bars have complicated storage or usage directions. That’s not what I needed and Trader Joe’s does not make a conditioner bar. I started researching again, and I came upon a trial size pack from Ethique, a company out of New Zealand. Not only was it reasonably priced, but it had 4 products in cute little heart shapes – shampoo, conditioner, face soap, and a lotion bar. I was super excited to take them on an overseas trip… except that they ended up unused in my lost luggage while my hair suffered the trauma of hotel shampoo and hard water! I immediately reordered another trial size pack of Ethique when I returned home so I could be ready for my NEXT trip. I’m currently traveling and using them. 

Lastly, finding a container to store the mini bars in was a bit tricky for travel as I want them to dry between use, but Ethique makes soap dishes for their regular size products. I highly recommend either the Trader Joes’s shampoo or the Ethique products! They wash well and travel well. Don’t expect lots of suds, but those of us who use natural products already have low lather expectations. These products get the job done and can even double as body soap and shave lotion. Some people use them as their everyday products, but I just like them for my travels especially when I’m avoiding taking liquids in my carryon. These would also make fun stocking stuffers! 

My next purchase will be the Ethique mini deodorant bar to try! I’m all about products that multi task too. I’ve been reading up on the leave in conditioner and the “Saving Face” serum that doubles as a lip balm and hair conditioner! Maybe that will also be on my packing list for my next trip. 

Want some tips for traveling light?

Table Talk: What products in your travel bag are different that you use at home? What are your favorite multi use travel products?

Drop a comment below if you have a favorite Ethique product!

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