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What business have you thought about launching?

I used to wonder what it would take to start my own tutoring business and if I had the courage and energy to launch a business. I’m so glad I jumped on this roller coaster! It’s been a wild ride and a fun adventure. Now I want to help others get started. Are you ready to start your own tutoring, coaching, or lessons business? My course is here to help you launch your own business and to be your own boss.

From start to finish, you will learn how to set up and grow a successful tutoring business that brings you joy and freedom. Every lesson teaches you what we are learning, why it’s important, and how to do it. You will also get examples of how to put the lesson into practice. There will be a brief quiz to see if you understood the material. You will then be given a few action steps to complete. The discussion board is where you can share your ideas and ask questions. It’s that simple! 

In this course Business Basics, you will have 12 lessons to open that should take 15-30 minutes each to complete, plus the time for the action steps. If you are on a tight timeline, this course can be done in about 4 hours, plus time for the action steps. Or you can slowly go through a lesson a day and take your time on the action steps. A course workbook is included and customizable templates for your business plan, session plans, and more. As a bonus, you will get the action steps in a checklist pdf and an Asana template. You will get the behind-the-scenes look at all the steps I took to start my business!

There are many free generic checklists available on how to start a business but not many step-by-step tutorials on how to start a private tutoring, coaching, or lessons business, yet it is a fast-growing occupation. Are you ready to get started?

Want to learn more? Click here for an overview of the lessons and the materials in Business Basics. 


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Not ready to start a business but curious about tutoring? I’ve got a solution for that, too! Check out Tutor Toolkit. It’s a free workshop designed to help you confidently plan out tutoring sessions.

Not only have I started my own successful tutoring business, but I’ve published 4 courses this year! I’m super excited to be launching Business Basics. So excited that I’m giving a 20% off coupon to all my newsletter subscribers, good just through August! 

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Are ready to take the plunge? Enroll in Business Basics today and join those of us who have discovered the freedom and rewards of being your own boss.

Table Talk: What business have your dreamed of starting? What’s keeping you from starting this business? Who could you mentor in your line of work?

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