Tailor Joy Together

Ever wondered what the benefits are of having a personal tailor?

Tailors make adjustments on the spot and look for inconsistencies. They understand that selecting the right fabric to suit the environment and occasion gives you a big advantage. Tailors creatively highlight their clients personal style. They save you time and money overall. You feel more confident in clothes that fit and flatter. Did you know the Bible talks about God gifting some people to be tailors? Take a look at Exodus 28:3.

Tailoring joy works much the same way. The benefits of tailored joy are smiling more and sighing less. People who tailor their attitudes and actions to cultivate joy in everyday life are reaping the benefits personally and professionally. Navigating the ups and downs is challenging. Choosing to count your blessings no matter what the day brings is one way to tailor joy today. 

Having joy can significantly impact your emotions, overall confidence, and even the direction of your day. Joy is a gift from God. Joy is our strength! It helps you smile more and sigh less. Sometimes it’s just a little tip or reminder that can significantly impact your day. Such as having your child write spelling words in sidewalk chalk instead of sitting at the table. It’s not always a new concept but a reminder at just the right time! It’s looking out the window at the birds in the feeder occasionally as a break in the midst of grading stacks of papers or paying the bills. Your circumstances may not change, but your outlook can. 

My blog offers tips and tools to help you feel ready for whatever the day may bring and to inspire you to tailor joy at home, at work, and in the community. My goal is to give you a quick read, like a 2 minute conversation when your time is limited. 

My educational services are private tutoring and educational resources. I’m your own educational tailor! You or your child will feel more confident! There will be more smiles and less sighs. Coming later this year will be online courses and more educational resources. I’m already getting excited about what the year will bring! (See what I did there? I cannot change the pandemic, but I can choose my attitude!)

Table Talk: What’s one view out your window that brings you joy in the midst of a busy day?

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