Product Review: ASANA

How many sticky notes are on your counter or desktop on any given day?

Asana is an application designed to help you organize, track, and manage your work. It’s a game changer for teams! If you are unfamiliar with ASANA, it’s a work management tool. I love the project and task features where I can see what I need to do and check it off when I complete it. I use it for home and for work. I LOVE it! All my EVENTS go on my Google Calendar and all my TASKS go in Asana. There’s a free version that you can begin using today, plus lots of tutorials such as this one from Louise Henry or these from the Asana Academy. 

When a friend shared an Asana board with me a few years ago, I was instantly intrigued. We used Asana to manage event planning for a conference. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all I didn’t know about Asana. After the event, I took some time to watch tutorials and become an Asana Ambassador. Even now, there’s so much more I could be using Asana for. I just keep adding to my knowledge and use of Asana as I build my business and write my courses. Instead of a paper binder, I’ve got all sorts of things organized in Asana including my course outlines, my marketing strategies, and my new client onboarding templates. I can access it on my smartphone or on my desktop. 

Ready to get yourself organized and get rid of all your sticky notes? Try Asana today. Input your projects and tasks then choose which view works best for you – lists, boards, or calendar view. The free plan works great, but if you want to save 10% off an annual plan, use my coupon code jenniferdonaldson2472 (I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.) I’m an Asana Ambassador. Have I mentioned how much I love a good system of organization? I LOVE ASANA! Give it a try today! Save your sticky notes for love notes and wise words!

Table Talk: What’s your method of organization? Do you prefer paper or digital organizational tools and calendars?

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