Let Your Light Shine

Who do your good works glorify – God or man?

I am always asking my students to give evidence of their answers. In reading, I want them to go back to the text and give me evidence for their thinking. When they are answering a critical thinking question, I want evidence to see where from where their thinking stems. I want to be able to follow their line of thinking, whether or not I agree with their answers.

This got me thinking. Does my life give evidence of my faith in God alone? Can people follow my path of thinking when they look at how I come up with solutions to life’s problems? Do they know that I live for an audience of One and pray to God for wisdom in the big and small things of my life? I’ve had people ask me questions about how I can be so peaceful in the midst of a life storm or detours. Honestly, it’s not about me. I rest in the knowledge that God alone holds the universe together. I can have peace and joy in the midst of life’s circumstances. Out of obedience, I do what He’s called me to do. Right now it’s to be the best wife, mom, creative educator, and tutor that I can be. And when people notice, I hope they will clearly see it’s because I live for God not because I’m anything special. 

Matthew 5:16 says,  “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

If people value my wisdom, it’s God they see in me. If people appreciate my creative thinking and organization, it’s God I give the credit to. (But, if my kids don’t think my puns are funny, the blame is all mine!) Humanly, it’s easy to get caught up in seeking the praise of man or to get prideful when it happens. That’s a dangerous path to go down with disastrous consequences. 

Inside my entryway is a family rules sign. Love God and Love People are in the largest font size so that any visitor or delivery driver that I open my front door to can clearly see behind me the evidence of the love behind my “welcome.”  Above all, I want my actions to speak louder than my words, but in case they miss it I want it spelled out. (I have always ranked high in surveys about clearly communicating to my students!) 

Table Talk: Does your life give evidence of your faith in God? What art on your walls, stickers, or tshirts lets others know what you are passionate about? What changes could you make to better give evidence of your faith?

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